Tuesday, June 2, 2009

EDM # 77 - Draw something cold or cool

EDM # 77 - Draw something cold or cool

Okay, I am taking liberties with this EDM challenge.

This is Ruby Dhalla. She is a minor Canadian politician.

She has been recently accused of allegedly abusing caregivers hired to look after her mother. It has come out that she is a difficult person to work for and that she treats all her employees badly.

How true is this? I have no way of knowing. However, I suspect there is a grain of truth to the rumours. She looks like someone who feels entitled.

Monday, June 1, 2009

EDM # 138, #147, #151, #208

EDM # 138 (Draw something soft)
EDM # 147 (Draw something made of wood.)
EDM # 151 (Free choice)
EDM # 208 (Draw something out of place)

This scene is the corner of our living room. This sits beside the loveseat, in front of the fireplace (that we don't use). This is where my husband sometimes practices his guitar.

The something soft (138) is the pillow on the floor at the base of the stool, which is made of wood (147). I just felt like drawing this so it is one of my free choice (151) drawings. And the thing out of place (208) is the box of needles that my husband uses to inject insulin. It is sitting on the corner of the coffee table, right where all the musical items are (you can see the edge of a guitar case behind the coffee table). It is only out of place because it is not music-related, but not out of place because it is Anthony-related (the music is Anthony-related). The other thing that could be considered out of place is the soft pillow on the floor. This is a hand made decorative pillow that has a photo of our son with our old dog, Sherry, on the pillow.

This drawing was done with ballpoint pen and coloured with my woodless coloured pencils.