Monday, August 29, 2011

EDM 146 - Draw a favorite food

I drew this from a McDonald's place mat. I really enjoy Greek salad. It and Caesar are my favourites.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

EDM 16 - Draw a favorite tool

I am stretching the definition to "tool" here, but this is as much as tool as anything. I enjoy listening to audio books while I work. It makes housework go by faster (and be less odious). It is also great to multi-task and listen to an audio book while I draw.

I will have to admit that when I draw and listen to a book, I cannot listen to anything "heavy" or else my hands stop working and I just sit and concentrate on the book. For doing artwork, I find a nice light read is best.

This is my 4GB Coby MP3 player that my son gave me as a gift. I really enjoy using it.  It plays wmv files too.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Everyday Matters

Everyday Matters is a friendly group of people of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, and experience / skill levels that enjoy keeping illustrated journals. This community of artists, from beginners to pros, stimulate creativity by encouraging daily drawing in journals. There are challenges to help inspire ideas.  As of this writing there are 323 challenges posted in the EDM Facebook Group.  New challenges are added regularly.

This group grew out of Danny Gregory's website.

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EDM 36 - Draw out in public

Part of the morning drawing sessions at the McDonalds downtown. There was a young lady across the restaurant from me. She was having breakfast and daydreaming.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

EDM 222 - Draw your favorite drawing tool

I am way behind in uploading images from my sketchbook(s) to this site, so I will try to catch up over the next few weeks.  The computer my scanner was attached to crashed and it took me a while to attach the scanner to another computer.

The above image was sketched while at the downtown McDonalds while waiting for the doors to open at the job I was working at. This was shortly after had opened and I was still a telephone jockey. Later I was promoted several times into management, and eventually let go. They refused to pay me for my last weeks work, I filed a claim with the Ministry of Labour, and they ruled in my favour.  However, that is another story.

When I drew this, I was still happy, passionate, and hopeful. My husband dropped me off downtown on this way to work and would pick me up on his way home from work.

In this drawing there is my moleskine sketchbook, a black drawing pen, an eraser pen, and a black drawing pen. Of course, there is my coffee, as well.

Here my favourite drawing tool is my moleskine sketchbook.