Thursday, February 26, 2009

February 26, 2009

The above image is of a stuffed toy that sits near our television. It is sitting on a stack of magazines on a little child's chair. It is supposed to be a mythical creature from H.P. Lovecraft's works.

Anthony finally convinced me to go to a walk in clinic regarding my chronic (and annoying) cough and my difficulty breathing. I was disappointed that Dr. Swift was not in. He had surgery and so Dr. Lucy was looking after the clinic. She thought my lungs sounded very congested and thought I had double lung pneumonia. She also said my blood pressure was particularly high. She suggested I get chest X-rays done to be sure.

It was too late to go for X-rays by the time I got out, so I went home, sat on my sofa, and drew the brush above, that I use to remove pencil dust and eraser crumbs as I work on my art. The mug you see above was a Father's Day gift from our son to Anthony when our son as quite small. It was done at a mall and they took an image of our son ittle head and put it on Superman's body on the mug. The other side says "Happy Father's Day". Anthony keeps some of his treasures in this mug. There is a parrot pen that our son gave him, a Charlie Brown pez dispenser, and a "Super Dad" super hero sculpture that our son made (out of pipe cleaners, paper and a bead for the head.) for his father when he was little. He made this to help his dad recuperate from heart surgery. All the treasures Anthony keeps in this mug were special gifts from our son  Anthony keeps these near his end of the coffee table so he can look at them whenever he needs a "pick me up".

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