Friday, June 22, 2012

642 Things to Draw #17 - A Full House

Pen and ink full house rendered by ©Ana Tirolese

Pen and Ink

When I posted this on the Facebook Group, my friend, Murilo Romeiro, asked why I did not do the best possible full house hand. The truth is, I know nothing about poker, or any other card games. I really don't play nor have the desire to play cards.

When I asked Google what a full house was, it responded two of a kind plus three of a kind. So, I borrowed my son's deck of cards (that he uses for magic) and grabbed the first cards that came my way, which happened to be the above hand.

Alternatively, I considered drawing:

  • a cartoon house with limbs and heads poking out of the windows and doors
  • a full theatre
  • the logo and cast of the television show Full House
In the end, this simple poker hand won out.

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  1. I love the art that is on this website. It is fun and i little chalenging to draw, but that helps my talent. Thanks!! :D