Sunday, June 3, 2012

Draw your favourite Tool

Every Day in June Challenge # 2
(and EDM # 16) 

Draw your favourite tool
Pen and Ink and Watercolour
My iPhone. This was a gift from my son. I love it because it was a gift from him and because I used it all the time.

I rarely use it as a phone, but I do text with it. I keep track of my schedule, my contacts and my to-do lists. I also use it as a camera, to look up information, to check online accounts, and to catch up on my reading.

Then there are the APPs! Oh.So.Many.APPs!

I have all kinds of productivity apps, along with other apps.  I even have games, but I rarely use those.

I do

  • catch up on my reading with Instapaper and eBook apps. 
  • use the Weight Watcher's app to track my points and weight
  • use Daily Routines app to keep track of my daily routines
  • use Cozi Calendar to keep track of my and my family's schedule
  • use Grocery Shopping app to make my grocery list. It also keeps track of prices so I have an idea of how much I'll need to put aside for each shopping trip
  • use social network apps (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) when I am bored
  • check my email when I am out
  • send and receive text messages
  • use Ache Break app to remind me to stretch at regular intervals
  • use it as a camera to snap quick photos, some for reference for drawings, some family events, and some "just because" I can.
I use the iPhone for more than this, but these are used nearly daily, and some, several times a day.

This is the handiest gadget, ever!

Screen Shots of Some of My Apps on My iPhone:

The first three apps in the top row are used daily.

These apps are not used very often.

I tend to use the YouTube, Netflix, Shazam, and IMDb more often from this list, than the others, but they are not used daily.

I use these as needed to check my accounts.

These ones are rarely used, except as needed.

I don't often open this group. I get to the camera through a different method.

These ones only get used occasionally  and the top row more than the others.

Always good to know what is happening in the world.

When I am not reading saved articles in InstaPaper, I will come on here and read a book if I find myself in a situation with time on my hands.

I check my mail through the Gmail app. Otherwise, I only use the other apps as needed.

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