Thursday, June 7, 2012


Line drawing of Dexter, the conure. Pen and Ink rendering by ©Ana Tirolese
Dexter the Conure

This is a quick ink sketch of Dexter, our green cheeked conure / parakeet.

Dexter is a great boy. He is funny, sweet, and a food monger! You would think that I don't feed him with how he keeps trying to steal Anthony's food.

Below is a case in point. Dexter is sneaking a piece of pineapple out of Anthony's plate.

Dexter stealing pineapple from Anthony. Photo by ©Ana Tirolese
Dexter steal Anthony's Pineapple

Dexter eats pasta out of his own plate. Photo by ©Ana Tirolese
Dexter has pasta dinner out of his own plate

Above we gave his own plate of pasta dinner.

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