Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Purple Moleskine Sketchbook

Ana's new Moleskine Sketchbook
New Purple Moleskine Sketchbook
W: 3½" x H: 5½" x T: ½"
I started a new sketchbook. It is a small, pocket-sized, book covered in a purple silk fabric. The book measures 3½" wide by 5½" high by ½" thick. It has a heavier stock paper in it that is good for light watercolour, as well as pencil, pen, and water-based marker.

The tacky flower I drew on the front is so I can remember which side is the front. I kept opening it upside-down and backwards.

I picked up the book at Phidon Pens, some time ago, but only got started in it in August, when I filled up my last pocket-sized Moleskine.

Double page spread - Ana Tirolese ©2012
Double Page Spread
I always stress about starting new sketchbooks so now I just dig right in with a cover page. It can be silly, fun, colourful, or anything under the sun. Once that page is completed to my satisfaction, I am free to explore through the sketchbook.
Cover Page - My Name. Ink and Watercolour by Ana Tirolese ©2012
Cover Page - My Name
Ink and Watercolour
Once the fear of messing up the new book is gone then the sky's the limit.  Here I did the cover page of my name in black ink with blue, yellow, and red watercolour. The three primary colours with black (a shade). 

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