Friday, January 13, 2012

EDM 5 - Draw Your Bed

I love my bed. It is very comfortable and I think it is beautiful. It is made of solid cherry wood and stained very dark.

We were originally looking for a traditional sleigh bed but chose this Euro-Style because I would be less likely to bump my knees against it as I walked by. I also like the lower foot-board. Alexander, who is quite tall, can inherit this from us and fit in it.

I rarely tuck in the bed-spread (comforter) like this, although it does look nice. I did it so I could show off the frame.  Normally I have the bed-spread just hanging out, all around the bed. It looks nice that way too, and is a lot less work (and a lot less scraped knuckles).

When we know we are having guests over I put on extra-fancy spreads and fancy pillows and pillow throws.

For everyday use, I just have the sheets, a warm bed-spread, and three pillows. Two pillows in dark pillow cases are Anthony's and that one pillow in a light coloured pillow case is mine. I do this because it drives me crazy when Anthony uses my pillow. I like my pillow to be "just so" and when he uses it it gets all hot (and sweaty in the summer months) and he crumples it in ways that are not comfortable for my neck and head. To be fair, he doesn't like it when I take his pillows either. He says I get them too hot as well.

Well, that is our bed.

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