Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rooster Stamp

While I was walking through Michael's Arts and Crafts store this little stamp caught my eye in the discount bin. I picked it up and put it down several times. I went and grabbed the things I had gone into Michael's to purchase, and as I walked back to the cashiers to pay for my goodies, I pass the discount bin again. The little rooster stamp was still there. This must have been an omen so I dropped it in the shopping cart.

I don't stamp often, but I do enjoy it. Somewhere, in a box, I have a whole set of stamps and peripherals from when I took it up as a short-lived hobby.

Roosters are a mild passion of mine. I am not certain why I enjoy them so much, but some people have suggested it is because I am Portuguese (by birth) and the Portuguese love their roosters. Here is a story that explains why: Barcelo Rooster.

Portuguese Good Luck Rooster
Found on site "Good Luck Roosters"

There is an online shop that caters to the Portuguese Rooster.  (Wow, there is just about a site for anything you can think of on the internet!)

Perhaps it is because of being Portuguese that I enjoy looking at roosters, but I don't know for sure. I just find them beautiful. I have lots of rooster wall-art, bowls, napkin holders, coasters, etc., in my home. However, despite my love of them, I have not created any art with roosters in them, yet.

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