Monday, January 2, 2012

Sitting Around Watching Television

I was just sitting around, watching television, and decided to grab my sketchbook instead of my laptop.  

Normally I sit with my laptop on my lap as I watch television. Sometimes I multi-task and work or play as I watch TV, sometimes I watch a movie or other television program during the commercials of the one I am watch live, or sometimes I look up info about the program I watching and/or the actors in the program. I love computers!

However, this time I decided to just draw. The first image, above, is just one of my generic cartoons. It is not very interesting so I added some festive streamers to it and some colour. Still, was not thrilled with the image. Then I decided to draw a "Crumb" girl. Well, sort of in his style, but not quite. Alexander (my son) draws in the Crumb style much better than I.

We watched a three day marathon of The Big Bang Theory

I figured I may as well try drawing one of the characters so I sketched Penny, above.  I may revisit this show later and draw all the characters. This can be decided at a later time.

One of the disadvantage of watching three days of the same show is that you end up dreaming about it. It is difficult to turn off your brain so it is like watching the show 24 hours at a time! Ugh. LOL.

Nonetheless, I still enjoy the show.

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