Sunday, January 8, 2012

Trek Nation

The above was done, in pen and ink in my small Moleskine sketchbook, while I watched a very interesting documentary about Star Trek's influence on the world as seen through the eyes of Gene Roddenberry's son, Eugene (Rod) Roddenberry Jr. It was also about father/son relationships, and his, in particular. I found it fascinating.

Here is the description from their FaceBook Group:

Trek Nation Documentary film directed by Scott Colthorp examining the positive impact that Star Trek and creator Gene Roddenberry may have had on people's lives as seen through the eyes of his son Eugene Roddenberry, Jr. ("Rod").  It includes interviews with cast members and crew from all five Star Trek shows, as well as various fans and celebrities who were markedly influenced by the show while growing up. Rod Roddenberry also visits Skywalker Ranch to interview George Lucas on the influence that Star Trek had on him. Lucas shares how he had gone to Star Trek conventions prior to creating  Star Wars. The film premiered on November 30, 2011, on Science.

IMDb Trek Nation
YouTube Trek Nation Channel
Vimeo Trek Nation
Trek Nation: Director’s Log Featuring Deleted Interview Clips

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