Saturday, January 7, 2012


Sebastien is my nephew: my brother, Mylo's, son. He is a special boy full of energy and imagination. I am not sure why he is pulling his turtle neck over his face, but he is likely creating a superhero alter-ego.

Sebastien loves to read and write. He fills notebook after notebook with his stories. It is important he has a notebook because if he runs out of paper he will write on any surface he can get his hands on. I noticed, at my brother's Christmas party, that the Kleenex box was covered with writing.

It is always interesting to see what he will come up with next.


  1. My brother says that Sebastien is being "Turtle Man".

  2. Lovely drawing. He sounds like my granddaughter who always has 5 notebooks going, full of stories and poems. She's 11. Hope you'll post work on your new piece as you go along. I love to see the process!