Saturday, January 14, 2012

EDM 6 - Draw a Childhood Toy

Dollinha (Doll-ee-nyah)

I brought this tiny doll with me from the Azores (Portugal). My grandmother gave it to me. When Anthony, my husband, saw her he immediately named her "Dollinha": the English word "Doll" and the Portuguese diminutive suffix "inha" (meaning cute and small). The name stuck.

There is a whole Dollinha mythology and back story that Anthony created for this little doll. He even created an anthem for her that he and I sing at the top of our lungs. It is a march.

When I was looking for a name for my online self, I had Dollinha (the doll) sitting on my monitor, and decided to use that name. I have been Dollinha online since the early 1990s!

Here are some photos of the actual doll, that I took today. As you can see by the photos she is tiny and she has been handled a lot. She was and is a favourite doll of mine from my youth.

My little Moleskine sketchbook is 5½" tall and each page is 3½" wide. That should help with sizing Dollinha.

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