Tuesday, July 17, 2012

642 Things to Draw #22 - A Dolphin

642 Things to Draw - Dolphin - Pen and Ink 2012 © Ana Tirolese
a dolphin
Pen and Ink

People like dolphins because they always look like they are smiling.  Any time we see them on television or in movies it is in a positive light. We hear about dolphins saving people. We see dolphins playing with people. We hear that they are an exceptionally intelligent mammal.

I am certain all that is true. I also believe they can be aggressive, like any wild animal, if confronted or if they feel threatened.

Some of my friends collect dolphin things. I don't. (I collect chicken and rooster things).

You can either imagine my little dolphin drawing swimming in the ocean or jumping out of the water. I chose not to give it context so you can use your imagination.

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