Monday, July 23, 2012

Every Day Matters #6 - Draw a Childhood Toy

Spider-Man PEZ dispenser - Pen and Ink with digital colour by Ana Tirolese ©2012
Spider-Man PEZ Dispenser
Pen and Ink with Digital Colour
In all honesty, this particular PEZ dispenser is not a childhood toy of mine. It belongs to my son. However, as a child I did enjoy PEZ and all their really cool dispensers; all of which have been broken and lost over the years.  My husband does have quite a nice PEZ dispenser collection of his own, but he was much better at looking after his toys than I was looking after mine.

I did this challenge before, back in January 2012, when I drew Dollinha. That was an actual toy of mine from my childhood.

This drawing represents all the PEZ dispensers in my life. I enjoy the candy, and how it comes out, one at a time. I love all the different themes the dispensers come in. To me they were great to have, until they broke. Back when I was a child I had no idea how to get refills. Now, as an adult, I know I can purchase refills for my dispensers and that makes them even more fun.

Check out PEZ's history here-->

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