Friday, August 10, 2012

The Sketchbook Project 2013

Sketchbook Project 2013 Mail Out - Photo by Ana Tirolese ©2012, Taken with iPhone
Sketchbook Project 2013 Packet
Photo by Ana Tirolese, taken with iPhone

The Sketchbook Project Logo, Property of Art House Co-Op:
It's time again for The Sketchbook Project 2013!  I had so much fun with last year's project that, once again, I have chosen to be part of this project.

My packet came in the mail a couple of days ago. It came with a custom crafted sketchbook that is 5"w x 7"h.  It has 32 pages of 70lb white text stock and chipboard cover. Included was a pencil made from reclaimed denim, a sketchbook sleeping bag, and a small instruction booklet.

Last year I chose to follow some of the Every Day Matters Challenges as my theme. This year I have chosen to document a typical day in my life. It will be created over several weeks, but will basically follow a typical day from getting up to going to bed. Hopefully I will not make it look as mundane as it sounds.

I am currently thinking that I will do line drawings in pen and ink and colour them with watercolour as I go. This may change as I create the pages. However, as of right this minute, this is my plan. The reclaimed denim pencil, as cool and environmentally friendly as it is, is very difficult to sharpen, so I will not likely be using it in this project.

Please follow this blog to see this project as it develops.

Pencil Casing Made from Reclaimed Denim - Photo by Ana Tirolese ©2012, taken with iPhone
Pencil Casing Made from Reclaimed Denim
Photo by Ana Tirolese, taken with iPhone

You may also view my uploads on my Art House Co-op profile for The Sketchbook Project 2013.

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